Music Maker Calculator

Music Maker Calculator

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Note Duration Calculation

Note Duration ms Hz Frames
1/1 – [Whole]
1/2D – [Dotted Half]
1/1T – [Whole Triplet]
1/2 – [Half]
1/4D – [Dotted Quarter]
1/2T – [Half Triplet]
1/4 – [Quarter]
1/8D – [Dotted Eighth]
1/4T – [Quarter Triplet]
1/8 – [Eighth]
1/16D – [Dotted Sixteenth]
1/8T – [Eighth Triplet]
1/16 – [Sixteenth]
1/32D – [Dotted Thirty-Second]
1/16T – [Sixteenth Triplet]
1/32 – [Thirty-Second]
1/64D – [Dotted Sixty-Fourth]
1/32T – [Thirty-Second Triplet]
1/64 – [Sixty-Fourth]
1/64T – [Sixty-Fourth Triplet]

ms to Hz

Press [Calculate] to convert to Hz

Hz to ms

Press [Calculate] to convert to ms

Cents between Frequencies

Press [Calculate] to determine cents

Frequency that is x cents away from known frequency

Press [Calculate] to determine Frequency

EDO or (TET) to cents / semitone

Press [Calculate] to determine cents / semitone

Cents / semitone to EDO (TET)

Press [Calculate] to determine EDO

Cents / semitone for Non-Integer EDOs with Alternative Octave Ratios

* Setting the Equal Divisions to 12 will force the alternative octave to repeat like a normal octave would on the keyboard.

* The normal octave ratio is 2 (derived from 2:1), this convertor allows input of any numerical value.

Press [Calculate] to determine the specs for the Alternative Octave

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